Why Kanyonyi?

Who is Kanyonyi?

Kanyonyi is the former lead silver back Gorilla of the Mubare Gorilla group. He has been chosen to be the flag bearer for Gorilla Conservation Coffee.
What is the Kanyonyi Blend?

The Kanyonyi Blend is made from 100% specialty grade Arabica Coffee grown in the western highlands of Uganda.  The coffee is grown on small to medium sized farms by individual farmers who make up the co-operative.  These farmers surround the ‘Impenetrable Forest’ which makes up Bwindi National Park, the home of the Mountain Gorillas. Their farms range in altitude from 1200 - 1500m above sea level.

The ripe coffee cherries are hand picked, pulped and wet processed within 12 hours. They are then dried and sorted on shaded, raised beds ensuring only the highest quality beans actually make it into the Kanyonyi blend.

Kanyonyi Blend has a unique aroma with hints of caramel, butter and almond. It has a slight taste of citrus and a smooth sweet finish.